Bulletproof Coffee | Upgraded MCT Oil

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Bang bang!!!

Oh hi there. It's just me coming back to this blog.


Anyways, what's been happening? I was out of Paleo for a while and I am coming back in, with a big bang.

And oh, I did a couple times of cleansing diet using GM Diet. I saw a friend doing that and I was very impressed with the result and tried it myself. When the husband and my friend came back from their trip, I did the cleansing diet again.

And because coffee wasn't allowed in the GM diet (allowed but strictly no sugar), so I challenged myself if I could rule over coffee and put it at the back shelf.

I'm glad I did. It has been more than a month since I am off-coffee.

I'm happy I am celebrating.

With a coffee.


But it's not just a coffee. It's a Bulletproof coffee. I got my ingredients from a Paleo cafe in Adelaide, Australia when the family went there for a visit in June this year.

I also bought Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil to go with my Bulletproof Upgraded coffee. I bought one pack each so I was a bit hesitant to open them up straight away. I wanted to wait for a big moment and today, I'm kinda feeling it's the right time to do, especially after doing Samantha's hair. I really don't know the connection... but I guess it's just me celebrating something random, or randomly celebrating without much special reasons.

To make it really special and authentic, I used the exact recipe. I even dug for my  Bialetti stove top coffee maker.

Brewed coffee using the stove top coffee maker.
Added 2 tbs grass-fed butter
Added 2 tbs MCT Upgraded Oil
Blend them together.

The result is...


Although it doesn't have any sugar.

Samantha has acquired a taste in coffee. So she really loved it. Schenker hasn't developed a taste for coffee yet and I hope he won't anytime soon because I don't wanna have a competition in drinking coffee. Hahahaha! Kidding!

What Defines You?

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Elder Kien Yiak was preaching about What Defines Us.

Limiations don't define us.

A thought came to mind:

My national passport doesn't define me. God's favor does.

X-Men Quicksilver | Time in a Bottle

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So the family and I decided at the last minute to watch X-Men: The Days of Future Past. Chose Citta Mall cinema coz it's usually not crowded in that place. Glad we got some good seats for the four of us.

I've seen X-men films before and The Wolverine. Of course, I had to watch the sequel, right? I'm glad I did coz I really enjoyed the movie.

There's one scene where Quicksilver and Charles and Wolverine saved Magneto from the prison. In that scene, all other subjects were frozen and in slow motion while quicksilver was trying to save the rest of the superheroes from the bullets.

Then there's Time in a Bottle.

I almost died.

Here's Time in a Bottle.

Here's the detailed description of Quicksilver + Time in a Bottle scene:


Time in a Bottle + Quicksilver = Ridiculously awesome!

Paleo Breakfast | Treat | Wicked Green Smoothie

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I couldn't believe I finally got to sit down and make ourselves green smoothie. It's not just green smoothie. It's wicked green smoothie. I got some powerful ingredients, that's why.

2 stalks celery
1 bunch of baby spinach (frozen overnight)
1 apple
1 cup coconut milk
2 tbs virgin coconut oil
2 raw eggs
ice cubes

Put everything into a blender. Blend until... err... smooth.

It's protein packed.
Healthy fats included.
Fiber rich.
Healthy carbs.

All in one smoothie.

That's why it's powerful.

It's wicked.

My wicked green smoothie.

Oh, by the way, this was our dinner tonight (breakfast for dinner) after the kids and I returned from the park. And yeah, I started running again. Things we do for our kids.

Paleo Treat | Chia Pudding

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Just had to do this.

Paleo chia pudding.

Will update you of the recipe later.