My 6th... and Last?

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So I have it all... 360, friendster, myspace, lycos... and even tagged! I've been blogging on these sites and honestly, I haven't really found the perfect blogger which I really wanna have for me. I would love to have a blog which I can post photos to show what i'm talking about. I started reading my friend's blog here in blogspot and I found I could do that. So... I'm finally here... my 6th one. I hope I would be satisfied... I don't wanna find myself looking for other blog sites to write my blogs with next time.

So... this is about me, my kids, my husband... and what has been happening in my life. My journey as a mother, wife, friend, etc.
Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog... and you may leave a comment if you want. This is very open.
I wanna bring encouragement to my readers as well... I hope I'll be able to do that. Really.
So hop along as we go on with my journey.
Be blessed!
... and I hope this is gonna be my las blogger... ever. :)