One Fine Sunday Morning

posted by Jan

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I met a Chinese lady in church today. Met her when Peter and I decided to have something to eat in the hospitality room coz we didn't have breakfast and we're all feeling hungry. Peter talked to her first. After eating, we went to Samantha's cradle roll class (Sunday School for infants aged 0-18 months). After her class... Peter and Schenker Boy went straight to the boy's Toddler's Sunday School class.

Every Sunday, while waiting for Peter and Schenker to finish the sunday school, i'd sit in the library and watch the Sunday Service from there (on tv). On my way to the library, I met the same Chinese lady and she started talking to me... no... actually, started asking me questions... like... what do we do.. where do we live. And when I told her where we leave... she said... ahhh USJ 18 ah? the one with big houses? ... I proudly said... hmm yeah... then she asked me this: how can you you live in such a big house? Ahhh.. eeerrrr.... I got speechless for awhile... and started asking myself... yeah... how could I live in such a big house? I thought for awhile... squezzing my mind for an answer and finally I remembered why. And I had to explain why we had to live in a big house. I said we used to live in a small apartment but we had so many people coming over and staying with us that our apartment became too small for us. And we prayed for a big house and God has answered our prayer.

Then she gave me lots of advises and comments on what and what-not-to-do in taking care of kids. And I just kept quiet and nodded my head coz I thought she was basing on her own experience. After listening for a while, I asked her how many kids she had. She said none! And I thought she was giving me all sorts of advises because she was a mom herself. Sigh... some people just love giving advises even when it's not asked... All I can say is... pls don't do that lah... especially when you haven't experienced it hands-on.. or if you're not an expert. Of course, I still love hearing advises from people about raising up kids and stuff like that... but if one is not a mom herself (or an expert)... I would say... who are you to give that piece. You wouldn't know how it is like until you become one! Duh!

One more thing, she asked me my house address... and I happily gave her. Uh-oh... have I made a mistake? She said she was going to visit me and asked me what time is the best time to come. I said in the afternoon, like 4pm.. she could come. And she asked me why not in the morning. Coz we're too busy in the mornings? She started getting into my nerves... and to think that it was a Sunday... and I was on my way to listening to the sermon.

Hmmm... I wonder whether she really meant to come and see me. She scared me lah. I felt that she was too direct (and too rude?) with all her questions. Perhaps she's just being friendly? One wouldn't know.

Oh yeah. later, when I asked Peter who she was... he said she's the wife of one of the leaders in the church. :(>