Samantha's Dedication Day

posted by Jan

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Samantha was dedicated to God today! Woke up at 5:00am to prepare for church coz we're attending the first service for Babies' Dedication Program. Left the house at 6:45 am. I realized I haven't been out of the house so early for a long long time. It was actually nice to see the dawn again. I said dawn coz here in Malaysia, 6am is like 4am in the Philippines. And everyting starts/opens at 9am here so waking up so early is quite unusual unless you're a morning person... which I'm not. And am glad that Peter is not, too. We're both nocturnals... and our kids are getting there too. Anyways... like what I've said we woke up quite early. I loved the morning breeze... It felt very relaxing... and cooling...The church wasn't so packed compared to the 2nd serive time. It was full alright but not to the point of cramping or something like that.

Peter was amazed to see a couple of couple friends. One couple had 4 kids and the youngest was Samantha's age. The other couple had one (her age, too). And the girl was sooo pretty. It was nice to see Peter's friends.

Before the service started, we went to our cradle roll class room and took some photos and listen to the instructions for the last time. When we went inside the church, there were seats reserved just for us. There were 9 babies who were going to be dedicated.

The dedication was very simple... we said our oaths and prayer of dedication to God. It was sweet and simple.

We didn'd finish the service coz Peter had to go somewhere else for a speaking engagement. (This was the reason why we didn't join the dedication at the 2nd service. We usually go to the 2nd service which starts at 11.00am but have to go early also coz Samantha's cradle roll class starts at 10:30am.) Peter sent us back home and headed to another church.

While waiting for him... I washed the cushion/couch covers. I've been planning to do so for a long time now and I only got to do it today.

When Peter came home, I had a quick nap. Appreciated the rest. I haven't been taking a good nap since Samantha came.

I told Peter that I pity our kids. He asked why. Coz I said Baby Dedication here is so simple... no parties... no godparents.. no gifts! Hahahha. So he took the family out for a good dinner. Went to TGI Friday. Hmm. I just loved their barbecue beef with Jack Daniel sauce. The good thing in TGIF is when you order a meal, you get a free meal for kids too. So our Schenker Boy had chicken tenders and chips - for free. AFter our dinner, went to jalan jalan some more. Saw a few clothes a liked... but no money to buy. this month, we're a bit tight.

Anyways... back to our girl...I thank God that we have dedicated her at 6 months. Last time with Schenker boy, we missed the mid-year dedication program because we weren't able to attend the briefing - we were out of town then. So had to wait for another half a year for him to be dedicated and he was almost one year old already.

Being a parent is really no joke... have to really be careful... especially on the formative years. Coz this is the time where you set a foundation... THE foundation. Must really ask God's wisdom to be able to do our part in being parents. I said this coz when we were reading our oaths... we promised to really be responsible... to train up the child in the way he/she should go... and lots more... cannot play play one. (i sound like chinese already - he he). SO help me God!