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what a joker day.

we went to church to sunday morning. i had a very good morning coz i slept early the night before. once again, appreciated the morning breeze. really relaxing and invigorating.

went inside the cradle roll class room, smiled and talked to mommies and their babies. the guitar man was strumming his guitar, practising for the morning songs. suddenly, i heared the song he was playing... quite familair, i thought. then it hit me... he was playing the "anak" song by freddie aguilar! hahahha! he must be trying to guess which nationality i was... so when he played that music, i looked at him and gave him the special smile. he smiled back. but i couldn't really look at him... coz tears wanna roll down my eyes already. (i didn't realize i missed home this much). so i looked in another direction, pretending not to care. then he stopped strumming. he probably thought i wasn't that interested when he played that one.

anyways, after the service, i took peter out for brunch (i got a love gift and everytime i do, i make sure i celebrate with my family -thanksgiving to God for His provision) in Summit. We went to Swiss Gourmet. Heard from the Besters they had a good food. When we were about to enter the cafe, i heard the same tune again. the song was in english version and this time, my eyes got really red again. of course, i didn't want peter to notice it.. so i just went inside and sat on the chair quietly. the waitress came and asked us what we wanna order. while she was talking i noticed the accent sounded familiar! and guess what... she's a Filipino. Hahaha! I had a little chitchat with her, asking how long she has been here... blah blah... and she left.

the next thing i heard, the song was playing again.. and this time, in tagalog version already!
hmmmm... what's it all about ah? how come i have to hear this same music over and over again on the same day?

anyways... probably i am already very excited because we plan to go back to the Philippines next year for a visit...

ok lah.. need to write a story. good night!