A Wedding and a Funeral

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We had a very interesting weekend. Attended a wedding on Saturday, and a memorial service tonight, Sunday.

Both event brought tears to my eyes. Both events made me reflect on my own life. In one event, 2 persons had to leave their own families to be together as one . In another event, one has left his own family to be toegether with his loved One. Two different events... and yet both were very emotional. Sad, and yet happy. Leaving other people behind, and yet meeting the one (The One) who's very important.

The Wedding:

Weddings always make me very emotional. Every time I see a bride walking down the aisle, I can't help but tears will just roll down from my eyes. I dunno why... but for me, this is the most special part in weddings (not that the broom-can-kiss-his-bride part is not important). The part in which the father takes the bride to her groom, turning her over to him... and the broom in turn takes the bride and the vows begin. I think in all weddings that I have gone to... whenever the bride started walking the aisle... I get very teary eyed. Probably because I am a one romantic person and I think this is the most romantic part in a relationship... that finally, both people in love begin a life journey together as one. And every thing changes. You're no longer twain but one.

Good thing I didn't get emotional on my own wedding. Hehehe. Well, I couldn't see myself walking down the aisle that's why... and that's a good thing. Hahaha. But mind you, every time I see my wedding video... that part where I was walking down the aisle with y papa... although I have seen the video for like 50,000 times, I would still get very emotional.

And so, the latest one I saw was Ben's and Kat's wedding (in Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya). Ben is Ptr Donald's oldest son. He was so dashingly handsome... and during the reception, he surprised his bride by singing "I Will Be Here". Once again I got teary eyed. Sigghhhh. Also, his sister Beth sang... her voice was so lovely... and awesome. I said this to her after she sang... and I'm gonna say it here again. Her singing made my hair rose. Hehehe. Really true. She's a fantastic singer. The husband, Andrew, played the guitar. Lovely couple.

Twas Samantha's first time to attend a wedding (will write it in her online journal later).

Then tonight, we attended a memorial service.

It was very emotional (that's understandable and I think I don't have to explain why). Dr. Koh died in his old age... and I could say... he had truly left a legacy. He was one (of the two) founders of FGA (Full Gospel Assembly), the church where we go to. They started the fellowship in his house on 1979. Little did he know that... that small fellowship would grow into a huge church (of 8,000+ members) today. I was so blessed by his humility in his service to the Lord. Although I really dunno him that much... but I could see him in church every Sunday.
There were things said during his eoulogy to describe what and who he was. All I could remember were: he had a gift of hospitaly, he's got an un-assuming (this is a one hard work to achieve - to be un assuming) and unpretentious personality, and have a great humility. A role model to everybody...

Hmmmm.. that helped me to thinking... I wonder what will people say in my eulogy. Hahaha...

In my previous blog, I wrote something about me being perfected by His grace and love in His time and all I could say that now, I'm far from being perfect. Way too far. Soooo imperfect. But of course, I know that I am still in the mold... and He's got a lot of work to do still.

I remember once in our weekly devotions (led by Peter) and our topic was... " what would people say about us on our funeral". such tricky and very reflective question. Others answered and told everybody about their qualities... and when my turn came... I couldn't say anything about me... and I remember saying... maybe people would say something like this: "truly... God's grace was on her." Oh well...