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I just discovered that there's one Filipino living in our neighbourhood. She's been here for 1+ years already, been working two houses away from our house. I remember one time when I was hanging my laundry at the back of our house, I saw her hanging some clothes too. I smiled at her, she smiled back. Today, we saw each other again... and smiled at each other again, and continued with our work: hanging clothes. Then suddenly, she said, "Filipina ka?" which means, "Are you Filpino?" She said she heard somebody speaking Bisaya in our house a few times. So I told her I have Filipino friends that come and stay with us.

Then she asked me whether I like bagoong (Filipino version of shrimp paste) which I said yes straight away... although I don't feel like eating it now. :)

Glad to know there's at least one Pinay (that I know) who lives nearby. :)