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I got an encouragement today from the children's missions coordinator in the church that we conducted the kids' seminar. It's nice to know that we, as a family, can be a good testimony to others.

Here's her email:

> Hi Bro Peter & Sis Janet,
>>> On behalf of the Mission Committee & Children Ministry, a big thank you
> for giving your time in ministering to our Sonshine K.I.D.S children,
> oikoses and teachers too during our Missions Fest. I pray that these
> children will continue to make God as the treasure of their lives and will
> always turn to Him, move with Him, worship Him and seek Him in prayer.
> Whatever they had learned will not be in vain but will be remembered and
> put into practice.
>> Do you know that my teachers/leaders were so encouraged to see a young
> couple like you giving your life for Mission? I believe it had made a
> great impact into their lives. Pray that these teachers/leaders will not
> only be encouraged but the fire of God's Missions heart will spark into
> they hearts and they be filled with excitement to pray, give and go for
> Missions whether locally or abroad.
>> May His anointing, abundance blessings and protection be upon you and
> family as you touch and spread the fire of God's heart for Missions into
> the lives of people.
>> God bless.
>> Anita Lee
> Mission Coordinator
> Children Ministry

God is good. Glory to Him!