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Peter is going to Phuket next month, for 4 days. Then 5 days after that, he'll go to Brunei, Sarawak, then to Kalimantan (for 10 days). All of which will be his trip alone... we're not going with him.

Hmmm... I thought (out loud), maybe I go back to the Philippines, spend time there since I'm missing home so much already. Peter said yes straight away. Shock!!??!!?? Hehehe. That was unexpected.

Anyways, I'm thinking.. to go or not to go? We're actually planning to visit Philippines next year for Christmas. That way, I'll have time to save and time for Samantha to grow some more. She will be 2 years old then. That means she'll enjoy the trip more. And not to mention ME... since Samantha is already big enough, we can go jalan jalan (go around) more. I can spend time with my friends. Every time I go back to the Philippines, my friend Grace would organize a reunion party for us.

Last time I went, Schenker boy was only 5 months so I couldn't join them much. And some had regretted it in fact, esp the singles ones (still didn't understand how it was to be a mom).

Anyways... now... I'm thinking should I... or shouldn't I go?