Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

posted by Jan


I am a stay at home mom (by choice) and I am proud of it. :) I used to work back when I was single, and loved it. But I told myself, once I get married, I wanna stay at home. There are many reasons why:

  1. i can personally take care of my kids. it's great to be able to follow (with my own two eyes) their developments and milestones and not just make an assumption that they can do this and that. also, nowadays, it's difficult to leave your kids in the care of other people. they will be influenced according to how that nanny lives her lifestyle. also, if there are other kids around, the kids can get naughty faster. i see a lot of kids they haven't even reached the age of two yet but they are already on the terrible-two age. that's very sad. moms who work at this stage can just close their eyes in that kind of situation coz they have no other choice but to send their kids to other people's care.
  2. i can personally take care of my hubby. :)
  3. never mind about the finances... as long as we have enough to live day by day... it's alright. We never go hungry anyway, unless we choose not to eat coz we wanna diet. and besides, God is taking care of our daily needs... and our wants from time to time. :P
  4. i wanna be the best mother to my kids and the best wife to my hubby. if i work, then my attention will be divided being at work and being with my family. that's what we call "family comes first."
  5. less stress. you only serve the husband and kids.
  6. it's not only an old thing to stay at home. i know a lot of friends now, once they give birth, they quit their work just to take care of the baby. i admire them for that. it really takes sacrifice to do that. sacrifice their own career, sacrifice their own ambition just for the kids. now that's what i call real "mothers."
  7. it has been proved: breastfmilk is best for babies.. and the longer you breasfeed, the better. if i work out of the house, probably the longest time I could breastfeed would be six months... knowing it's hard to maintain breastmilk supply when you only pump at day time and breastfeed at night time. breastfeeding is also a sacrifice. the clothes you wear are limited. cannot just wear anything you like. it must be comfortable to be able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. this is just one of the cons being a SAHM.
  8. when you stay at home, there's some kind of rewarding feeling... especially when you see your kids grow up.
  9. the first 3 years is the formative years. a lot of interaction is needed to be able to cultivate young kids so that they can be the best that they can be. i am happy that i am the one who interacts with them daily...

well, SAHM also needs a break. coz too much spending time at home could very well effect the person. that's why i am going back to my family in the Philippines!!! Wooo hooo! I can finally take a rest there, knowing that even if i leave my kids to my family, i know that they are well taken care of. :)

so these are merely my opinion now. i might wanna go back to work once the kids are grown up already. when they do, it's another story. :)

i know it's not easy to be one, but congratulations to all SAHM