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I just signed from for my first earn money to blog for this this. I like this service so much. Once you're approved, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you to write your reviews about. Their payment is quite fast. I actually have done a lot of write-ups already for this service.

This service connects advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers can promote their products and get buzzed up through bloggers. Bloggers in return can earn money through blogging about the products. This is called blog advertising. It's quite fun to blog for money. There is excitement in it. The moment I see opportunities to get paid by blogging, I grab it straight away.

Of course, there are offers that doesn't suit my principles. But it's okay. I can actually skip them and just try to stick to the ones that i believe and i endorse.

It is fun to get paid to blog about the things we love.