Let Go

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There is this meme going on about your idea of something, blah blah. can't remember exactly what the meme is all about. but one of the questions was: do you have any resentments? and to my surprise, the majority of the blog authors said they don't have any. that's great if it's really true.

honestly, for me, if i said no, i know i would be lying. i had quite a few. some i have gotten over with last Christmas and some i still harbor the feeling. well, coz some of it just happened recently. what to do. i don't have a super power to erase it completely and i'm not God who can just forgive people straight away. although i really have to since i claim to be His disciple. and disciples should follow what the Master says.

i need to work out my feelings. i know for it takes time. but i'm really trying not to harbor any bad feelings towards my fellow human being. one of my resentments recently was that people can just forget what you did to them, especially when they knew they don't need you anymore and that they won't benefit from your friendship and help.

i know, this is emo time. i hate to read blogs who have emos... but here i am, emoting. well, there are just people who are so ungrateful. i know i shouldn't be feeling like this, coz of all the people whom they should be grateful with is not me, but God. well, as human being, we also need some kind of affirmation.

but sad to say, people just reject your friendship or very ungrateful or worse, become very rude when you tell them your honest opinion about their situation. well, i just leave them to God and let Him deal with the situation. better yet, let go of the resentment. i am letting go now. let go, let God.
i'm glad i just had McDonald's today for dinner. I had prosperity burger (beef). Prosperity burgers are only available during Chinese New Year holidays. so we took the opportunity to order it. They have home delivery and it's easy to order.