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I have been using Clinique products for my face for 5 years now. I have oily skin and I tend to have break-outs. Worse, it's acne prone. I used to have huge acnes when I was in college and I couldn't do anything about it. Washing of face so many times in a day didn't help. No matter how much I use acne-free products, still my face would be so full of pimples/acnes.

Later on, I used Nivea cream and my acne slowly disappeared. What I did was, because it was a cream and if I apply it on my face after I wash and tone, my skin would tend to get more oily. So I applied it on my face 5 minutes before I was my face. It really helped a lot.

My acne disappeared. But my scars are there... to remain forever. I had occassional breakouts due to the oils of my face.
Then I discovered Clinique. It's water-based so it has totally banished my acnes and pimples. My skin became smoother. I still got the scars but now it's not so visible anymore.

These are my favorite clinique products:

My daily skin care, 3-step process. Soap, toner, and moisturizer. I use twice daily.

I apply foundation before make-up... 5 minutes after I apply moisturizer. This way, it gives time for moisturizer to sip into the skin. This foundation is so light. You don't feel like you're wearing one... unlike using other oil-based products. When you apply foundation, your face seems heavy than usual. My color is the honey one. It just fits with my skin tone. I'm dark-skinned.Concealer. I usually put under my eyes, to cover whatever dark's in there. I got this tip from Bobbi Brown: Never ever leave the house without putting on your concealer.

Translucent powder. I used the cake powder last time... But then I tried the translucent once, I got stuck with it. It's better for my skin type

Eye brow definer. I don't have a perfect set of eye brows. So eye brow pencil is one of the most important make up that I must have. I used body shop too... cheaper than clinique's. But this time, I'm using Clinique, dark brown in color.

Last week, the Clinique shop in Subang Parade had a promotion. For a 310rm total worth of products you buy, you get a 6-piece giftwhich includes, repairwear, contourware, moisturizer, pink blush with blusher, city spf sunblock, and facial liquid soap. Quite a good deal. Hubby's treat.