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Recipe for My Personality

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The Recipe For Janet Luison

3 parts Glamour

2 parts Intuition

1 part Creativity

Splash of Desire


William Heyward

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One night, my boy and hubby were having a very interesting conversation. My son was barely 3 years old that time and he told his daddy he wanted to be a doctor. I overheard the conversation and to make sure he knew what he was talking about, I asked him what the doctors do. He said to check mommy. I remember when I was pregnant with my second child that our boy was always with us on my monthly antenatal check ups. Well, I was surprised that at such a young age, he already knew what he wanted to be.

Probably, the same thing happened with this guy when he was still young. name spells success, especially in the medical world. William Heyward founded a Clinical Research Organization called Quattro Clinical Research. He did a consultation for a lot of medical companies especially on biotech/pharmaceutical companies that deals with infectious diseases like HIV infection, especially in women of the developing world... that sort of thing.

He was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 15, 1950. He's just 5 years younger than my dad and yet he is such an accomplished person. He worked for over 20 years as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service in Anchorage, Alaska. Alaskan Natives would have been really thankful for having him there to research about different infections in infants and children. He also undertook studies on botulism, hepatitis B virus infection, pneumococcal disease, primary liver cancer and such.

Still Sick

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We are all still sick. Got this very bad virus. It just don't wanna leave our house. Hubby just got stomach problem and he's driving himself to a nearby clinic now. I can't go with him coz the kids are sleeping and no one will be here to be with them. Hope hubby is okay. I just gave him Aluminum and Magnesium Hydroxide but the pain didn't wanna go off. Please God, hasten our healing.


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Last year, especially towards the end of the year, we found ourselves really broke. We could barely buy Christmas presents for our family and friends. But of course, with our tight budget and our "creativity", we managed to give Christmas gifts to family and friends. This was the first time that happened to us, being broke during Christmas season. Although we still made sure that our celebration was special inspite of our tight budget, especially that our son already knew the meaning of Christmas, no matter how broke we were we still made our celebration a fun and special one.

You may ask the reason why so suddenly we were broke. Bad spending habit. I have developed this bad spending habit since hubby gave me a complementary credit cards. It was a lesson learned the expensive way. I have used my credit cards until I reached the maximum limit of 8,000RM. Can you imagine me spending that much? Oh well, hubby spent too, but mostly, it all spent for the family.

So I found myself making a new year's resolution to change my spending habit for the better. I have to think twice whether what I'm spending would be necessary or would it be just for wants. Whatever. I really have resolved to be good this year in using my credit card.

One World One Heart - Winner

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So this is the announcement time. I have used Lisa's recommendation of using a random number generator online. Of course, I prayed before hitting the click button as I want my giveaway to go to the right person. And I would love to tell you that the winner of my OWOH giveaway is the 4th one out of 67 comments. So there. It's Connie. Congratulations Connie! And please provide me your details so I can send you your wall deco/scarf.

For those who are still wanting some more give aways... I have two authentic thai silk scarves giveaway (still up for grabs) and will run until 5th of March. For more info on how to join, click My Giveaway.

See you there!

Better Caring

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Hubby and I are involved in doing member care for our workers in the field. When we care, it means, we have to care wholistically, i.e. emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and even financial sometimes. To take care requires commitment. We have to render care until that person will be able to know how to care for themselves... otherwise, we keep caring. That's why it's a commitment. You have to have a great passion in doing this.

There are other organizations that offer bettercaring. Locally there are nursing home that are available. In bettercaring, they give you options in choosing which place you want to be in. Just let them know your needs and they will find out the right kind for you. Age factor is not an issue. You can also opt for the ones that meet your special requirements.

We need more people to care. There are lots of needy people outhere who are screaming for help for people to take care of them. Let's open up our hearts and start caring. Shall we?

One World One Heart

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It is a blog-wide giveaway event. The original idea behind this was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. Last years event had nearly 100 participants and many connections were made because of it......friendships that are still going strong. - OWOH

I think this is very interesting to connect people from all over thru this One World One Heart. I would like to participate and i'm offering a batik wall deco (or you may use as a scarf also) which I bought from Bali, Indonesia. The size is 84cm x 240cm.

Just leave me a comment and I'm gonna pick the winner by draw on February 14, 2008.

And if you like either of these: (Thai Silk Scarf - purple and golden yellow) I bought from Northeastern Thailand, You may check out My Giveaway. Just click the link My Giveaway for more information on how to get these.

Looking forward to making more friends from this roll. I am from Malaysia and would be open to shipping this to any parts of the world.


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I had a dream. I was flying a kite. It was smoothly flying and then suddenly there were other kites around. No matter how much I wanted to avoid the other kites, it still was there. Then one small kite hit mine, it slowly fell, without me noticing it. Suddenly, I saw my kite almost hitting the ground. I just pulled it a little bit and it was soaring high again. But still along with other smaller kites. My kite seemed to be hitting the other smaller kites when it started flying high again too... but they all stayed up there.

According to dreams interpretation, to fly a kite in your dreams means you have a high goals and ambitions but it still keep you on the ground. Not sure about other kites hitting my kite... probably there are other factors that would try to let me down. But my kite went up... that means, I don't let anything hinder me from reaching high goals. But I'm not sure why my kite was suddenly hitting other kites but those small kites, no matter how hard my kite hit it, they also stayed up there.

Quite interesting.


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Today's Verse from the New Living Translation
"The LORD gives his own reward for doing good and for being loyal, and I refused to kill you even when the LORD placed you in my power, for you are the LORD's anointed one."1 Samuel 26:23

Encouragement for Today

David experienced satisfaction, perhaps even joy, when he chose to do good rather than evil to Saul. He could've killed Saul, but he chose to trust God to deal with him (v. 9). He chose a clear conscience over the satisfaction of taking revenge or the relief of getting rid of the enemy who sought his life. When have you chosen the reward of doing the right thing over the path of personal gain? How can the sense of satisfaction and the reward of a clear conscience help you in the future when you're tempted?
Source: Today's Christian