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Last year, especially towards the end of the year, we found ourselves really broke. We could barely buy Christmas presents for our family and friends. But of course, with our tight budget and our "creativity", we managed to give Christmas gifts to family and friends. This was the first time that happened to us, being broke during Christmas season. Although we still made sure that our celebration was special inspite of our tight budget, especially that our son already knew the meaning of Christmas, no matter how broke we were we still made our celebration a fun and special one.

You may ask the reason why so suddenly we were broke. Bad spending habit. I have developed this bad spending habit since hubby gave me a complementary credit cards. It was a lesson learned the expensive way. I have used my credit cards until I reached the maximum limit of 8,000RM. Can you imagine me spending that much? Oh well, hubby spent too, but mostly, it all spent for the family.

So I found myself making a new year's resolution to change my spending habit for the better. I have to think twice whether what I'm spending would be necessary or would it be just for wants. Whatever. I really have resolved to be good this year in using my credit card.