Better Caring

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Hubby and I are involved in doing member care for our workers in the field. When we care, it means, we have to care wholistically, i.e. emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and even financial sometimes. To take care requires commitment. We have to render care until that person will be able to know how to care for themselves... otherwise, we keep caring. That's why it's a commitment. You have to have a great passion in doing this.

There are other organizations that offer bettercaring. Locally there are nursing home that are available. In bettercaring, they give you options in choosing which place you want to be in. Just let them know your needs and they will find out the right kind for you. Age factor is not an issue. You can also opt for the ones that meet your special requirements.

We need more people to care. There are lots of needy people outhere who are screaming for help for people to take care of them. Let's open up our hearts and start caring. Shall we?