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I had a dream. I was flying a kite. It was smoothly flying and then suddenly there were other kites around. No matter how much I wanted to avoid the other kites, it still was there. Then one small kite hit mine, it slowly fell, without me noticing it. Suddenly, I saw my kite almost hitting the ground. I just pulled it a little bit and it was soaring high again. But still along with other smaller kites. My kite seemed to be hitting the other smaller kites when it started flying high again too... but they all stayed up there.

According to dreams interpretation, to fly a kite in your dreams means you have a high goals and ambitions but it still keep you on the ground. Not sure about other kites hitting my kite... probably there are other factors that would try to let me down. But my kite went up... that means, I don't let anything hinder me from reaching high goals. But I'm not sure why my kite was suddenly hitting other kites but those small kites, no matter how hard my kite hit it, they also stayed up there.

Quite interesting.