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Indian Costume for My Boy - Kurta

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Here is my boy in Kurta. He likes making silly faces. :)

A kurta (Persian/Urdu: کرتا, Hindi: कुरता, Bengali: কুর্তা, (or kurti, for a shorter version of the kurta) is a traditional item of clothing worn in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India,Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer, and is worn by both men and women. It can be worn with a dhoti, loose salwar pants, churidar pants, as well as jeans, a tight-fitting variant of the salwar. Kurtas are worn both as casual everyday wear and as formal dress.

With his sister here.

Western women often wear inexpensive imported kurtas as blouses, usually over jeans. These kurtas are typically much shorter than the traditional garments and made with a lighter materials, like those used in sewing kameez. Imported kurtas were fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s, as an element of hippie fashion, fell from favor briefly, and are now again fashionable. South Asian women may also wear this Western adaptation of South Asian fashion.

Ring Ceremony

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Yesterday was our ring ceremony for Samantha. It's her first time wearing a ring so we made it quite special by taking photos of her finger with the ring. The ring was given to her as a gift from her grandparents when she turned one month old. The Indian tradition is such that when the child reaches her/his 30th day (45th day to some) they celebrate it by announcing to friends and family and have nice dinner. We did that to our two kids but they were very simple. Just dinner with immediate family. For my first one, Schenker... his grannies gave him his daddy's chain and bracelet. They kept that for their first grandson. They gave a ring for Samantha... which I kept because it was too big for her that time.

And yesterday, while I was looking for something, I found a box with the ring inside and I tried on her. It was just perfect. So here it is.


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He’s a tease, a charmer
Very friendly, can make one feel comfortable easily
People are drawn to him
Who’s this guy?

I met him eye to eye
He took us to dinner
No chemistry, nothing special
I was intrigued, Who was this guy?

I went back home
Sent him a message
Thanked him for everything
Sure, you’re welcome, he said.

Who was this guy, I wanted to know
He used to tease, and yet aloof
I teased him back
He opened up.

We became friends
Shared goals, shared jokes
Until we found out,
We share the same birthdate!

That triggered “it”
Common things discovered
The more we shared, the more we felt
From friendship, love blossomed.

We became one
Now we’re four.
Who is this guy?
Shankar, my love, no other.

(copyright: Janet august 30, 2007)

Jan Samantha

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It was fun watching you
Move from side to side
Stranger in the womb
And yet so known inside.

So frequent the hicks
So strong the kicks
Like a fire waiting to burst
From a volcano so fierce.

An alien at the start
Yet angel from above
Here you come my precious
My princess so loved.

Ah, Samantha…
Stupendous, Amazing
Magnificent, Awesome, Noble
Terrific, Happy, and how Angelic… you will be.

(Copyright: Mommy Janet - February 2007)

Jan Schenker

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One day in my sanctity
One life was formed inside me;
A life that was made wonderfully
In a place hidden so beautifully.

Time passed and he was born
In a beauty so full blown;
One could never get enough
To behold a beauty as such!

From tiny little being
He became a smiling budding thing;
Then I found him crawling
Now he’s walking and even running!

His smiles can melt one’s heart
His speech is well, he’s so smart;
Jan Schenker now you’re a toddler
I pray I do well being your mother.

(Copyright: Mommy Janet - Feb 2007)

US of A

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Hubby is going to the US. He's been invited to a conference by The Passion group in Atlanta. I'm a bit excited for him. But also feeling a bit envious. He's going there without me!!! Anyways, he tried to convince me to go with him at first. He said it would be nice if I go with him. But if I go with him, we have to leave our kids behind. That's my concern. I don't wanna leave them for more than one week. I don't think I can do that. Besides, if they go with us that means we need to buy their airfare also which is quite impossible coz only hubby has got a full sponsorship. Sigh. I wish I could go. I wish everybody could go. But I am willing to just let go of hubby. Maybe, someday, the opportunity would be for us all. Not just me and hubby. Not just him. Anyways, having said all this... I am really happy that finally he could visit America. I just wonder what's in Atlanta... maybe hubby could take something Atlantish for us. He's still going to apply for his US Visa though. So hopefully it's not too late coz he's gonna travel next month already. Hopefully he could get his visa fast. Fingers crossed.

Today's Shopping

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Sunway Pyramid is awesome. We just got back from there shopping. Hubby gave us a treat by buying me 4 nice tops, my boy got Osh Kosh shirt and khakis pants, and hubby got himself two nice shirts from Mark and Spencers. Really tiring but I was really excited when we got home and try all the tops hubby bought for me.

You'd notice that 3/4 are red in color. I so love red. And I'm filling up my wardrobe with red. Hehehe.