Ring Ceremony

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Yesterday was our ring ceremony for Samantha. It's her first time wearing a ring so we made it quite special by taking photos of her finger with the ring. The ring was given to her as a gift from her grandparents when she turned one month old. The Indian tradition is such that when the child reaches her/his 30th day (45th day to some) they celebrate it by announcing to friends and family and have nice dinner. We did that to our two kids but they were very simple. Just dinner with immediate family. For my first one, Schenker... his grannies gave him his daddy's chain and bracelet. They kept that for their first grandson. They gave a ring for Samantha... which I kept because it was too big for her that time.

And yesterday, while I was looking for something, I found a box with the ring inside and I tried on her. It was just perfect. So here it is.