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He’s a tease, a charmer
Very friendly, can make one feel comfortable easily
People are drawn to him
Who’s this guy?

I met him eye to eye
He took us to dinner
No chemistry, nothing special
I was intrigued, Who was this guy?

I went back home
Sent him a message
Thanked him for everything
Sure, you’re welcome, he said.

Who was this guy, I wanted to know
He used to tease, and yet aloof
I teased him back
He opened up.

We became friends
Shared goals, shared jokes
Until we found out,
We share the same birthdate!

That triggered “it”
Common things discovered
The more we shared, the more we felt
From friendship, love blossomed.

We became one
Now we’re four.
Who is this guy?
Shankar, my love, no other.

(copyright: Janet august 30, 2007)