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Hubby is going to the US. He's been invited to a conference by The Passion group in Atlanta. I'm a bit excited for him. But also feeling a bit envious. He's going there without me!!! Anyways, he tried to convince me to go with him at first. He said it would be nice if I go with him. But if I go with him, we have to leave our kids behind. That's my concern. I don't wanna leave them for more than one week. I don't think I can do that. Besides, if they go with us that means we need to buy their airfare also which is quite impossible coz only hubby has got a full sponsorship. Sigh. I wish I could go. I wish everybody could go. But I am willing to just let go of hubby. Maybe, someday, the opportunity would be for us all. Not just me and hubby. Not just him. Anyways, having said all this... I am really happy that finally he could visit America. I just wonder what's in Atlanta... maybe hubby could take something Atlantish for us. He's still going to apply for his US Visa though. So hopefully it's not too late coz he's gonna travel next month already. Hopefully he could get his visa fast. Fingers crossed.