Filipino Band

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Last night, while were having dessert after dinner, a group of band from the Philippines came and sang for us. It was a special treat for the family. We didn't know that if you go for fine dining, this special treat would be included too. But it was really a good treat. It was great because Filipinos can sing and play instruments well. Actually, there's a lot of Filipinos worldwide who use their talents in singing and playing music to be able to get job, earn money and support their families back in the Philippines. In the US, when my husband went there for a meeting, he saw and met a lot of Filipinos living and working there. For some Filipinos back home who haven't gone abroad yet, they must be wondering how to get into working abroad. I recommend using Boston resumes. It's very easy to get work if you apply with them.

I am not back from my holiday yet. I just try to get a chance to quickly check my emails and some opps to write. And I found I have a couple of them today. Good thing my kids are too tired to go out now. They're asleep.