good friends are for keeps

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I got a surprise today when my friend told me to check her blog coz she made a blog review. I quickly went over and checked. And I was speechless for a moment. It was so sweet of her to do for me... without me asking her to do so. If you wanna know what the review is, please check it out: the nambiars

This has helped me realize that even in the internet world, one can develop such good friendships. One doesn't know how it happens. It just happens, naturally. We have linked up our blogs last time. She was a newbie... I was a bit the oldie... (but I'm way too far behind now). She struck me as a very hardworking woman. She has sacrificed her career for the sake of her kids and that is the noblest thing one could do. I really admire her for doing that. Her life, if you are following her blog, is like a roller coaster... but there she is... standing strong amidst her struggles... and at the same time, showing kind gestures to her friends online. Look what she did for me on mother's day in her digiscrap blog:

Isn't that pretty? I mean the way she did it. I am very thankful for giving me a friend like her. Very generous at heart, very thoughful, no reservations whatsoever... friends like that are for keeps. Ruby is for keeps.