Help, Anyone?

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I used to like Lindsay Lohan. She started as a young star. Now that she's in her teen years, she became even more famous. But her fame has really gotten her. Or was it her kind of job? She has indeed messed up her life. A lot of famous celebrities nowadays has really messed up their lives. Lindsay Lohan is just an example. Some have even gotten into jail for silly offenses like drunk driving or driving with a suspended license. Some even got worse, and need to be sent to a drug rehab just so they can get their lives back to normal again. It's a shame that although they have money and fame, their lives suck. There is no joy. I can just pray for them. That they will use their money and fame for a real cause... like donating to victims in Mynmar Cyclone. There are just so many things to do that can really help other people in need. I hope their lives get better. I hope they realize that there is real life outthere. I can just hope.