home alone, again

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peter is leaving for phuket today. soon, actually. he'd be gone for 5 days. he's taking a group to check/help on the project there. remember the 2004 tsunami? a few islands in the province of phuket were affected, right? so they have set up a project there to help with the relief and development especially for the sea gypsies. now, they're in the development stage where they put up schools, church, and what not.

so... i'm going to be alone with kids again. i'm so used to this idea already. although it could be tiring to take care of the kids 24/7 (without any breaks in between). but of course, when hubby comes back, we would go for a nice holiday to damai laut. i love the swiss garden hotel there. i'm sure we would enjoy our stay as much as we did last time. (there's a bath tub there, if you're wondering *wink). so i'm going to prepare all the spa ingredients for hubby and me. swiss garden hotels are not cheap hotels but we're going there for free, courtesy of our dear friends who gave us that holiday package last year. it's going to be fun, i'm sure.

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