I Am Ranting Again

posted by Jan on

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If you've been following my posts, you would notice that I rant so much about my notebook. It is super slow in its speed. Opening it up takes forever to do. Like I'm still in Flinstones Age (actually not coz there was no computers on that era yet - hehehe - just exaggerating a bit). A friend told me that her husband did something to make their computer work fast, like putting half of the memory to the D drive and half of the memory to the C drive (we have the same notebook brand and model). Now I wonder how in the world can I do that. I'm technically better than my husband but it doesn't mean I know everything about techie stuff. I think the best thing to do is extend my computer's memory. But for now, I think I may have to store my files in some usb flash drives. Suggestions, anybody?