Megakidz Adventure, Midvalley Megamall

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My blogger friend, Josiet, and I had been talking on meeting up in person since both of us are based in Malaysia now (we're both originally from the Philippines). Today was the day of the meet. So I decided to take with me my boy and she also, her boy. Since only I and my boy were going, I decided to take the KTM train from Subang Jaya to Midvalley Megamall. There's a KTM train station that stops right in fron of the mall. Hubby told me it would only take 30 minutes to reach Midvalley. So I left the house at 2:00pm. Our meeting was at 3:00pm. When I reached Subang Jaya station (husband and daughter sent us there), I realized that you have to get off KL central and take another train to Midvalley. When we reached KL central, we straight away went to platform 6 to get a train. But we waited for 15 minutes before the train arrived and when it did, it was too full we couldn't fit inside. Then I had to rush up and took a cab. When we reached the mall, we were super late. I felt really guilty. Good thing Josiet and her husband were too gracious.

We went to Megakidz. It's a place where kids could play around. Met Josiet and her family. It was good meeting them. The kids really didn't play with each other because of age difference, but both had fun, I guess. Schenker really had fun. He was all over the place. Sad to say, EJ wasn't feeling well... so they had to leave without meeting my husband. Husband also was late coz he was stuck in the jam. Some things didn't go well according to the plan. But it was good enough meeting them. We'll surely meet up next time. Josiet, seems to me, is a sweet-natured lady. Hoping to get to know her more in person. Blogging can be helpful too in knowing a person... but it's better to meet up live.

All in all, my boy had fun. I had fun. Although it was too tiring for me. Had to wait for hubby to get some dinner. I had, by the way, curry laksa and watermelon juice. Yum. Was planning to eat ice kacang (Malaysian version of halohalo) but had to stop the urge to eat it coz my family's still having flu... not fully recovered yet. They would be tempted to eat too if I did. Maybe next time.

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