MPH Book Sale

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We went for a book sale yesterday. MPH has this really good offers. The discount is up to 70% and if you're a member you can get an additional 5% discount. I went with a friend, Aletta and I bought worth 219RM of books and activity stuff for my kids.

I bought two parenting books for me:
1. Personality Plus for Parents by Florence Littauer - mainly talks about understanding what makes your child tick. I have two kids with two different personalities. I bought this book to understand them more by studying their personalities.

2. Nurturing the Winner and Genius in Your Child by Adam Khoo and Gary Lee. The authors are bot Asian... so probably it would make sense to me as they're writing in Asian's perspective.

I am excited to read these two books. In fact, I have started with the first one already by re assessing my personality type. I knew already my PT before, but I just wanted to re-evaluate if I have changed over the years... which apparently haven't. I am still very melancholic with a hint of choleric. Very little of phlegmatic and none Sanguine.

Will tell you the updates of what I have been reading.

By the way, I bought a book for DH too. It's a book by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki. The title is "Why We Want You to be Rich." Hehehe. I know it's very interesting. Who wouldn't wanna be rich? Well, we can be more blessings too if we are. Although in my own point of view, even if we have not enough money, we can still be a blessing. But wouldn't it be nice to splurge blessings on others when we have more than enough? *wink.

Okay. Looks like I will be reading some fun and interesting books. For now, it's still blogging and updating. Have fun.