still on holiday break

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it's awesome to go for holiday breaks. the family gets the time to enjoy doing things together, enjoy the relaxing and refreshing environment. the best thing is when the hotel you're staying at will have sauna facilities. it can add up to a rejuvinating treat. the beach would be a plus too. you don't need to go out to the town to look for some other things to do. at swiss garden hotel where we are staying at right now, they offer a lot of things to do like trekking, island hopping, pangkor drop which there's a shuttle ferry to get you to an island, fine dining, activities for the kids and a lot more. sometimes when you go out holidaying, it's not about how famous the place is that would truly give you fun. it's what the hotel is offering you. then you don't need to go out and look out for some other things to do. hotel rooms are nice to stay in but i guess it would be nicer to stay in villas where you could do things your own, like cooking your own food and you can bring friends because the villas will have more than one room to spare. in fact, if you don't believe me, check out St. Barts villa rentals. and you will see for sure what i'm talking about.