Third Baby?

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No. Not yet. Not having that third baby yet. My friend and I were chatting about it... and talked whether we only want to have two kids (like me, she has two kids too). At this point of time, we agreed that it would be hard to have another one since having two can be too much already sometimes. So, I was telling her that if God wants me to have a third, I pray that when Samantha is already 5 years old. That got me to wondering... what do I do with the baby furniture we have at home. Probably I sell it on e-bay or lend to friends who are having another baby that needs one. If you are in Malaysia and expecting, please let me know. I have some good stuff available here... but in one condition, please return them to me once you know (if) we are getting preggy, okay? Hehehe. And I hope it won't be too soon. 5 years is okay.