my eyes

posted by Jan on


our eyes are the windows of our soul. they reflect what we're thinking and feeling inside. by looking at a person's eyes you would know his emotions, whether he's happy or sad. eyes cannot deny whatever is inside. they cannot talk, and yet they cannot lie. others might fake a smile but when you look deeply into their eyes, you would see the truth.

here's the side of one of my eyes. yaiks. is that a smiling line or sign of age? whatever that is, most women are concerned with our coming of age... and the sign. yeah, i'm talking about wrinkles. no else. they are the number one obvious sign of getting old. if at all we're worried about it, we need to find and look out for the best wrinkle cream there is, yes? that is maybe the best solution for now, especially if we don't have enough budget for surgeries.

do your eyes tell others the truth?