Thankful Thursday

posted by Jan on


This is my first entry for Thankful Thursday... So I wanna begin by thanking:

  • God for the blessings He had given us. I believe that He does bless us to reflect His glory.
  • My hubby for being so wonderful, loving, understanding and above all loves God with all his heart.
  • My kids. Both of them are just wonderful and adorable. I couldn't ask for better kids.
  • My family back home for being thoughtful and supportive.
  • My friends.
For this week, I am thankful for:

  • Friends who gave us a holiday package for free in Damai Laut last week and our upcoming holiday next week in Kuantan at Swiss Garden hotel, for 5 days.
  • For Ivana, a lady from Brazil who has come to stay with us for a month. I was hesitant to have her at first coz I thought it would be an added burden coz I was already busy taking care of two kids. Glad we are having her now. She's very thoughtful and helps me around the house and helps me with the kids too.
  • For a free lunch at Gems (Indian Restaurant) last Sunday. I really missed Gems and they have great Rice Briyani plus yoghurt drink. I love their food. An american friend went with us to church and took us for lunch after church.