God loves weddings!

posted by Jan


Everytime I go for weddings, I always get teary eyed everytime a bride walks down the aisle. Such a blessing to see weddings. I say, God must love wedding too coz somehow, each wedding will have a special memory for each couple. Each wedding is different. Some may have grand weddings and others may have simple weddings, but the effect is the same... everybody is blessed, all needs (and more) provided and every one happy.

I just attended my brother-in-law's wedding and I can say... it was truly a success. They may have not enough time doing the preparation but everything went smooth on that day. It was very special... and grand in a different way. I say in different way coz my wedding was also grand, but in a different way also.

They had the wedding ceremony at church. My boy was the page boy. And my, how my son looked adorable in his suit, smiling all the way. The ceremony was simple, with just the ring and thali to be given to both. Ring signifies their unity together as done universally. Thali is usually done by indian costums. Thali (a chain) is given to the bride by the groom, as a symbol of ownership.

Indian food was served for lunch right after the ceremony. Tea ceremony came next. It was awesome to see different cultures being put together. It was my first time to witness a tea ceremony. The couple would kneel down and serve tea to the elder who are sitting on the chair. This symbolizes respect to the elders. The elders in return give ang pao to the couple, which symbolizes giving blessing to the couple. Ang pao is a red envelope (with money inside) given by Chinese to family members and friends.

Then we all headed to Cyberviewlodge Resort for the wedding dinner (Chinese style with 9-course meal). It was very grand. Of course since the bride's mom is Filipino, we had a lot of Filipino guests who had flown from all over just to witness this wedding. And when there are Filipinos, you could just guess straight away... there was dancing after the dinner. I had a chance to dance with hubby that night.

The bride and groom were so generous to book hotel rooms for their families. So once again, after almost 5 years, hubby and i had a chance to stay in the hotel. It was awesome. with kids this time, nonetheless, it was great.
Ah! What did I wear? I wore saree in the morning for the ceremony and saree again for the dinner.