great news for stay-at-home mom bloggers

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I am a stay at home mom (by choice) and I am proud of it. :) I used to work back when I was single, and loved it. But I told myself, once I get married, I wanna stay at home. There are many reasons:

1. i can personally take care of my kids. it's great to be able to follow (with my own two eyes) their developments and milestones and not just make an assumption that they can do this and that. also, nowadays, it's difficult to leave your kids in the care of other people. they will be influenced according to how that nanny lives her lifestyle.

2. i can personally take care of my hubby. :)

3. less stress. you only serve the husband and kids.

4. it's not only an old thing to stay at home. i know a lot of friends now, once they give birth, they quit their work just to take care of the baby. i admire them for that. it really takes sacrifice to do that. sacrifice their own career, sacrifice their own ambition just for the sake of being with their kids.

5. when you stay at home, there's some kind of rewarding feeling... especially when you see your kids grow up.

6. the first 3 years is the formative years. a lot of interaction is needed to be able to cultivate young kids so that they can be the best that they can be. i am happy that i am the one who interacts with them daily...

7. the great and the best news is... i can work at home!

how is this possible? They create opportunities for mommies to work at their own homes, according to our own convenience and pace! Mommies can write reviews and get paid. I have signed up for SocialSpark and started earning. Now I can hit two birds using one stone. Stay at home, take care of kids, blog and earn. Actually, I am hitting 4 birds at the same time. Isn't that cool or isn't that cool?