house and home

posted by Jan on


the condominium that is being built across my housing are is almost done. i am quite excited when it opens coz there's gonna be a commercial slots on the first floor. there's a hearsay that carrefour is going to open up a branch there. and there's gonna be coffee shops too. and it's just a walking distance from my house. i've been dreaming actually of acquiring one unit there because there are still a lot of units available. imagine living in a place where everything is just a lift-distance. it's so conducive. but of course, we are still paying for our house mortgage so we won't be buying any housing unit any time soon. so i can just dream.

this led me to wonder what are the things you need to consider when buying a house. probably for me, if it's near a commercial area, school, malls, and banks then i would have to go for it. the house we live in now is like that. everything is so near, including my boy's school. i don't drive (scared lah) so i'm happy to be able to walk him to school.

another thing is to know which realty company can be trusted. some not-so-good ones sometimes ran away with customers' money, without finishing the building! that is so scary. i saw quite a few abandoned projects here and one of them was the my husband almost bought. good thing he didn't buy that property. otherwise he'd be bankrupt without a home by now. recently i have stumbled upon one website called they specialize in Luxury homes and condos, Property Management, sales, and representation buyers in purchasing. They also provide information on current market conditions, how to list your home, or list your condo with them, get marketing information on how they market our listings or they can even feature your home or condo.