let charter bring life to your home

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my internet connection has been real slow nowadays. it's so slow it takes time to upload photos. sometimes i feel like giving up and not posting any photos in my blog. i checked our internet speed. it's supposed to be 5Mbps! Hmmm... I wonder what's happening. I cannot even play music anymore. I like to play music, especially from the yahoo messenger music launch cast. I can choose which kind of music I listen to on that day. But because of the slowness of my internet, it causes a lot of buffering. Now when it's like that, I have no other choice than to stop playing music.

I saw this great deal by Charter Internet . You'll get reliable service and you get this special offer which you can try the first 30 days risk-free! and for only 14.99/month! other benefits include Automatic protection from viruses, hackers and spam. Now that's the best news ever because nowadays, hackers are everywhere you don't know who and what to trust. the installation process is also very simple and easy. now that we know about it, let charter bring life to our home!

And one more thing, you get $25 Shell Gift Card with Online Orders. Now that's what I call a real bonus!