my boy's progress in school

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i went for a parent-teacher meeting at my boy's school again last friday. this was the second meeting i had with the teacher. they would normally have parent-teacher's meeting at the end of each term (3 months/term). my husband was away for the first meeting. and away again for work the second time. he was very sad. so i promised to copy my boy's report for him to see when he came home.

i was happy (and proud) with his progress. his teacher said he has improved a lot after the first term. he's mostly A's now for his grades, a few B's and no C's at all! Last time there were quite a lot of C's and a few A's. His reading has progressed so much. he's in book 5 now. that means he can read 5 books already! i am happy. although i also give credit to myself for sitting with him and reading with him his book, but i thought it was his own effort that really did it.

he's learning to love reading now. when we drive and he sees words, he would read them. but of course, he would read the letters first. i think the school's reading program is not bad at all. although i was a bit frustrated at first coz how in the world can a 3-year old child read Bubbly and Whizzy on the first week of school? read about my frustration here: reading at 3. if you have read this post before, i also apologized to my readers after i did a bit of research about their reading programme which you can read here: q-dees reading programme. now he's a bit ahead compared to his other classmates in reading. although there's this chinese girl that is so smart she's already reading her book 10! they always say that girls are more advanced than boys when it comes to their development but i think not all are. maybe, generally, we girls are... (wink)... but there are also girls that are not so advanced.

other languages my boy learns in school is bahasa melayu (which the teacher said he's very good at reading) and mandarin. he can sing a couple of chinese songs now and i saw he's started writing chinese characters already. nowadays, education is totally different. last time, my age... i mean my time, it didn't matter whether you have gone kindergarten or not as long as you've reached your ear with the opposite hand you're qualified to go for primary school. LOL. i actually don't have a strong basis for this. it could be a joke last time but what i'm saying is... we didn't need to go through kindergarten to be able to enter primary school.

anyways, there are quite a few reading programs that i have heard of. there's this glen doman method, phonetics, and the one my friend lalaine is using for her daughter. i am also interested with that but can't find a copy of the book in mph. wanna try that for samantha later.

where was i? ahhh... the boy's progress. i am sorry. i haven't written a family update post for a while so i have a lot to say i am sidetracked a bit. anyways, all in all, i am happy with my boy's progress. he had a rough and slow start but when he picked up, he picked up fast. that's what the teacher told me. i am happy we decided to send him to school this time. he could have a harder time to catch up if we start sending him next year only.

will try to send samantha to school next school year. what do you think? hehehe.