my cousin has a cancer

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our 18 year old cousin, thusiani, is still in the hospital, without progress. she has gone another session of chemotherapy but from what i heard, it didn’t do any improvement at all. she was diagnosed as having cancer in lymphoma two years ago, at stage 4. the doctor said she might live for a couple of months only. two years later, she’s still alive. we’re very glad of that. but lately, her cancer has gone worse and they have changed the chemotherapy process for her, this time, stronger. so she’s supposed to sleep for 8 straight days after the session. now, 2 weeks had passed and she’s still in hospital. they are needing cord blood. now, where on earth are they going to acquire it? and how much?

when i was pregnant, i have researched about Cord Blood banking and such. we have inquired at the hospital where i was going to deliver my baby about it also. but the cost of banking cord blood is so expensive. we thought, never mind, just throw it away. nothing will happen to our family. i was wrong. should we had banked it, thusiani, my cousin who is affected with lymphoma, could have benefited from it. if we knew The Value of Cord Blood, we wouldn't have to think twice of the cost of banking it.

This month, Cryo-Cell, a leading research company of cord blood banking is announcing that July is the month of cord blood banking awareness. I am glad of that. It is good to let people know about the benefits of cord blood banking. With a lot of diseases nowadays, people are finding ways on how to treat them, including Treating Diseases with Stem Cells. All parents and parents-to-be should be aware of this and consider banking our baby's cord blood. for the benefit of our health.

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