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one of the blessings i am thankful about is having a set of good eyes. they said that if you read too much, or read in the dark room, it will affect your eyesight. it hasn't affected mine so far. or maybe i don't read enough to spoil my eyes. but there are those who have eye problems and reading too much is not the cause of the problem. sometimes, even those who are newborns have problems with their eyes already. some people develop eye problems or night visions over the years without having any known reasons.

with the evolution of technology we now have a safer and easier way to correct eye problems. from using eyeglasses came contact lenses. the use of contact lenses has been a rave for quite sometime coz not only it helps with a clearer vision, it can also change eye colors. but with the inconvenience of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses, people has discovered a more convenient way. lasik.

what is lasik? it is a short for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. The procedure involves peeling back a small section from the top of the cornea. A focused laser will be used to reshape the cornea and eliminate any tissue that may be the root cause of the eye problem. While not always a road to perfect vision, LASIK can greatly improve one's eyesight. everyone may not be a good candidate for lasik because it all depends on how thick or thin your cornea is. so if you're planning to have this eye surgery, read all the LASIK information you can get. ask around. there are already many people who have undergone LASIK. here in Malaysia, i have quite a few good friends who have undergone lasik surgery and they're doing better with their clearer visions. can't hurt to ask around, can it?

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