WarGames is Back!

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Classic movies has a special place in my heart. Who can ever forget E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) movie? I was in grade 6 then... about (around) 20 years ago! It was one timeless story of friendship. And of course there was this WarGames way back in 1983? It was such a hit and now it is coming back!

There is going to be a WarGames 25th Anniversary event playing in select theaters nationwide on Thursday, July 24th. The showing is one night only and will include never-before-seen interviews with film’s creators and the cast (including Broderick and Ally Sheedy) and crew on how the movie was ahead of its time and its relevance today. Additionally, only at this one night event, get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel – WarGames: The Dead Code.

Why don't we all come and revive Wargames?

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