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Since our boy started going to school, we have started looking at our budget. Before this, we would just spend and not think about how much we spent. If you have kids going to school, I know you can relate with me on how much school fees we spend a year even just in kindergarten school. It's like sending your kids to college! Good thing Samantha is still too young to send to school, so we have time to save money for her.

Nowadays, parents with many kids are already scratching their heads and wondering where to find money to go to school. One of my family members has a son that goes to a medical school and they have taken loan just so they can send him to university and become a doctor. Some parents that have more than one children that goes to college has really gone into bad debt. Good thing we have companies that offer . Imagine if we don't know anybody who could offer . We would have a real hard time getting up with lots of loans to pay with. With the help of , we can easily get our finances back into shape. So this cousin of mine had to borrow money so that he could finish his medical studies. His parents of course has to do something. Good thing they found a company to with.

So now that I we have two kids, my husband and I are thinking ways to earn and save money. Here are our thoughts:

  • I continue with my paid blogging as much as I can
  • Bank in my earnings
  • Don't simply spend on unnecessary things
  • We can save household finances by limiting our electricity usage (turn off power plug when not in use, don't simply turn on the TV - just watch the programs that we really really like)
  • Save water bill (by showering together everytime - ahem ahem :)
  • Invest in education plan for my kids - we haven't done this yet and we should start doing this soon.
  • My husband has to continue doing his sideline job, to do financial consulting and teaching tuition.
  • Lastly, to check out Bills IQ as they offer assistance in the understanding of overall financial health and ways to improve our financial score.