wedding video

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my husband took the video on axcell's (his brother) wedding. the plan was to just take photos. but since there was a video camera available, huuby took the initiative to take the video. on our wedding day, we made a mistake by asking friends to take video for us. you know when friends do it, they would do it for free. but when it's free, don't expect such quality. we only got our wedding video two years after we got married.

on my brother-in-law's wedding, he decided not to hire videographer.this afternoon, after having lunch with the newly wed at their new home, we wanted to see the video but we realized we didn't bring the cable(HDMI switch). maybe next time, we can see the video. for now, we'll wait until it converts into the dvd. i hope it will get done soon. i don't want history to repeat itself.