Women: We Too, Can Save Lives

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It's amazing how advanced researches and scientific studies have gone really far these days. And who to blame? With a lot of diseases discovered and known, concerned people has been in constant research about treatment for known diseases. Who would have thought that even women's menses can be therapeutic even for serious diseases? Once it was considered as a pain in the... down there and a burden because it really causes pain and discomfort and we experience it once a month! Well, at least for those who have regular periods, that is. And so one of the researches that was made was the stem cell found in woman's menstrual blood, done by is amazing how they have discovered preserving menses for health reasons. In fact, if you go to their website, you will learn and get to know more of

So women, I know that we have a lot to contribute to the benefit of our communities. We have a role in raising good kids to become good citizens and worshipers of God. We have a role in being a good support to our husbands. We have a role in keeping our household intact. Now, we can have another role by of course preserving our stem cells found in our once-in-a-month-painful-and-uncomfortable-period. I know it sounds a bit gross to do that. But if we think it can be of great benefit, especially in treating serious diseases, we can probably overlook it and be of great help! We can go and visit C'elle's website and purchase their C'Elle kit during the "Caring is Sharing" get one free promotion and start saving lives today!