annoying callers

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We had one phone call one day. "Congratulations!" The caller said. "you won a gift from this company." So we asked where this company was, and why and how we won. The caller explained that we won by random or something like that and if we want to claim our prize, we had to go there soon. So off we went. Little did we realize that it was another telemarketing scheme. When we reached the office, we realized that they were selling something and if we bought it, we're going to take home the prize we won. And if we didn't want to buy, they gave us something to scratch and whatever image shown on the paper after scratching, we'll take it. We scratched 5. We won a pen. A pen! We drove all the way there to claim a pen! Wasn't that annoying? Annoying telemarketers are everywhere and they have different schemes everytime.

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