at the park

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it's been a long time since my kids have developed their daily routine: wake up, shower, food, (school for schenker, play for samantha), pick up time, lunch, nap, park, dinner, books/play, shower, sleep. it's been like this ever since my boy started his school. i am glad that both of them have the same nap time. i nap with them sometimes too. how did i get them to nap in the afternoon at the same time? i bribed them into going to the park after they wake up from their nap. no nap, no park. both of them like going to the park for many reasons. the boy gets to meet a few of his classmates there. the girl gets to climb up and slide down the slides. both of them get to eat ice cream. it's a good exposure for them in terms of sports too because there will be people playing badminton, basketball, football, and even a few get to practice playing golf. it's not a shooting range, and couldn't pass for one but residents somehow use the park to practice golf. my kids get to pick some Ping Golf balls too. there are also exercises bar, like the push up bars and sit ups bar. my boy could do 5 sit ups. my girl still tries to do it. so now, almost everyday, we go to the park. it's part of the kids' daily routine.