Cameron Highlands

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One of my favorite holiday destinations is Cameron Highlands in Perak, Malaysia. The weather in Camerons is cool all year round. The coldest time of the year is from December to February where the temperature can drop to 10 degrees celcius at certain places. I love going there this time of year. I love its cool climate. In fact, it's where I and my husband spent our 5-day honeymoon. It was a perfect place for honeymooners, I tell you. Being in a cool climate can make it more cozy for people to spend time there. Hotels and resorts don't need to have an air condition unit because of it's cool air. It's really very cold for me, coming from a tropical sunny place that I've been. I love its coolness though. I have been there many times since our honeymoon but when my second child was born (and that was about almost two years ago), we haven't visited the place again. We're planning to go back there again in December though and I'm very excited about the trip. And that means I need to check out Cabin Cuddler. Heard they have perfect products for a cool-weathered place.
It would probably be great to sleep under their warm and cozy blanket. Actually, their products are not just good for rooms or cool places and such, they are good for travels too. And it's pretty convenient to take anywhere. You will be assured of its hygienic quality so you don't need to worry about sleeping and getting rashes or bug bites. Their travel blanket has a contour cut that covers every inch of your body. So you will feel warm and be able to sleep tight. That's the best thing.

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