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we're one year overdue with my kids' vaccination! arrgghh! just didn't have time to go to the hospital for vaccination, or the kids would be sick by the time we plan to send them for jabs. well, today, we have finally set an appointment and the kids got their long overdue jabs. samantha had MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Hepatitis B booster and 1st DTP and Polio Booster all at the same time. the hepatitis b and dtp polio booster should be injected one year ago. better late than never, the pediatrician said. schenker just completed all his vaccination required (even Hepatitis A Booster) for his age, got all the boosters and everything. so now, we're planning to have a chicken pox vaccination for him, it's not required and not 100% effective. but the vaccination would make it milder if in case he gets chicken pox. i was a bit skeptical with MMR before because i have read from the internet that it could lead to autism. but i was assured by the pediatrician that MMR Vaccination is not the cause of autism. just glad that we have finally done all these.

samantha is developing quite well, her height is average and her weight is a little bit above average. but it's ok, the pediatrician said, it's just nice. her pediatrician was surprised when i told her samantha could string two to three words now to make a sentence... but the only thing is, when she says words that have more than one syllable, she would say it in one syllable sometimes, like Barney: she would say Be. Hehehe. Dr. Angelina, the pediatrician said that probably i don't talk to her more often. ayayay... the blogging must be the culprit. hehehe. anyway... she's fine and sometimes can say the right words. she's still learning. schenker could speak very well, she said. so i told her the teacher sometimes complain of him talking too much in the class. so she asked me whether he's disruptive. he is not. so it's fine. he's okay and he is focused. that's more important. (i was assuming she was asking for ADHD signs). hehehe.

all in all, i was happy with the kids' development. i just need to spend more time talking to samantha. and spend less time blogging? hmmmm... that's a tough question.

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