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I have a friend that's using diet program from Mayo Clinic. From what I've heard, it is very effective. The program runs for 12 days and you have to stick to the plan, otherwise it will ruin everything. The only thing with this diet is you have to go low on carb (or no carbs at all) and no coffee too. I love drinking coffee. I'm not sure if ever I can endure this program.

Then there's this Jenny Craig program. The set back is that it takes too long to be able to lose weight. We need the kind of weight loss program that is fast and yet keeps you healthy. Another weight loss program that is taking too long to get results is the Weight watchers. I have discovered another program which is really refreshing as it brings result fast and rules our any serious health problems, obesity or even hormonal imbalances. The Fat Loss Guru is is very simple and easy to follow. You can start losing 7 pounds in 7 days which is generated specifically according to your needs and and desires. Wow. That is a great news indeed. It is really super fast to lose weight in just a week! The Fat Loss Guru also guarantees that if you stick to the program, you will gain fast result and experience a long term fat loss.

The other good thing (which is the best) about this program is that you can enjoy eating your favorite food and still lose weight. They are truly amazing. Going for a low calorie or low carb diet can be dangerous to your health. Low carb diet could have a negative effect on your brain, and sometimes can lead to nervous breakdown. Low fat diets don't work either. I have tried this low fat diet thingy and it just didn't work on me. I would go for the diet program that can make fat loss fast and at the same time, can make you healthy.

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