how to lose weight

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My friend dina posted our photos together when we met in Manila 3 years ago. She thought I was pregnant then. So I reminded her I was "big" because I was fat, not because I was pregnant. My boy was only 5 months old then. It took me actually a year to finally trim down, although I breastfed my boy exclusively for 6 months and continued on breastfeeding until he was 16 months old. Then I got pregnany with my second. Losing weight after my second child was born was easier. I didn't use Hydroxycut though. It's just that I didn't really gain much during my second pregnancy. I owed it to that.

So how do we actually lose weight... really?
  • eat healthy food only (no extra fats, no extra sugar, no extra cholesterol, please)
  • exercise regularly
  • drink lots of water
I think these are the basics. If only I could keep all these, probably I would be slimmer by now. It's just that it's so easy to say and yet it's hard to do, especially when you are faced with temptation. You know when you're feeling hot and sweaty and you see an ice-cold coke, who wouldn't get tempted? Arggh!