husband is going to bali, indonesia

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hubby is going for a meeting in Bali, Indonesia. again, i and kids are not going with him. i don't want schenker to miss his class. and beside, i've been to Bali and the only reason I'd go back there is to buy souvenirs. yeah, since the bali bombing a few years ago, tourism in bali has really gone down. so everything i saw almost three years ago when I went with my husband to bali was very cheap. i remember buying a black dinner dress (spaghetti strapped designed with sequence all over), for only 5$! that was extremely cheap. but i haven't worn it yet because i keep forgetting i have it in my closet. i would usually go for sarees nowadays everytime we have functions to attend to.

my husband's condition with me going with him was, and i kids could go but i pay for our airfare. hahaha! i don't wanna waste my earnings in just going to bali. not worth it, i believe. so, what am i gonna be doing when hubby is away? i will play! LOL. kidding. most likely, i'd be watching movies. but i do wish though that we have that pop up tv in our living room. it does save space and if i don't want the kids to watch tv, i'd just pop it down.LOL . wishful thinking.

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